Paid Search Management

Experts in Paid Search Management

Paid search is a pull strategy where customers are actively seeking specific content. By showing your message to a captivated audience during their research, you can achieve high levels of conversions. The key is to make sure your brand shows up for the right keywords at the right time, with the right message and corresponding landing pages.  Sounds simple, right?, To be successful in each of these areas, it takes experience, time, competitor research, and some well thought out scientific and statistical techniques.

At Agency420, we are experts in your space. Not only are we watching trends and competitors, we are also accessing new technology to be able to get your message in front of your potential customers as often as possible.  We have the right people looking at the right things to get your site promoted in this challenging space, and a proven track record.

Paid Search Service offerings
  • Campaign launch and initial campaign structural strategy
  • Keyword discovery
  • Creative development and testing of ad copy
  • Bid management
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Campaign expansion plans

As if it isn’t already complicated enough, there are additional hurdles when advertising in the cannabis space. Restrictions and regulations mean there are less available tactics, and reaching the right audience can be more difficult, however there are still some opportunities available that we would love to discuss with you.

We also offer a full audit of your account to determine areas that require immediate attention, areas that could use improvement, and opportunities for campaign expansion. Contact us to learn more about this offering.

For details about how we approach a problem, our About Agency420 page covers our philosophy and testing methodology.